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Boa Safra is a Sustainble Home Design Editor

In addition to its products, Boa Safra offers an interior decoration service,  custom furniture and home organisation consulting.

The Design Harvest of Boa Safra

Boa Safra means good harvest in portuguese.
Every year we select and develop new products: Boa Safra Design Harvest. 
The pieces are conceived by Portuguese designers and made locally, with time and dedication. Boa Safra products are defined by aesthetic simplicity, timeless design and the use of both natural materials and finishes.  See more 



myHOME - Integrated Interior Design Service

With myHOME services we provide  interior decoration projects, custom furniture and Home Organisation consulting. In the development of the interior design service, Boa Safra integrates several disciplines so that the inhabited space translates the personality and expectations of the client.The myHome projects include a collection of partner brand products and services that expand the options available with Boa Safra products. See more


What we believe
We feel and think that it is time to practice a systemic vision of Design, a perspective that integrates ecological, ethical and aesthetic principles. For Boa Safra, Design is a co-creative tripod that integrates the Designer, the Person and the Environment.


To Boa Safra Good Design is Systemic

This is the keystone principle. People, space and the surrounding environment form a complex system, an integral unit - the inhabited space. The properties of the parts are defined by the whole in which they are inserted. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


is Sustainable

Good design takes care of the relationship between the economy,
the people and the planet, ensuring that the needs of the present generation do not compromise the needs of future generation

is Timeless
Good design seeks to be timeless. Understands fashion and trends to transcend them. Uses durable materials that can be repaired and maintained.

 is True
Good design does not hide the essence of materials.
The inhabited space must translate the truth of the its inhabitants.
Space and objects must be authentic.

transdisciplinar.pngis Transdisciplinary

Since inhabited space is a complex system, it needs to be thought across, bringing together various discuplines working in an articulated way to integrate the best solutions. 

inclusivo.pngis Inclusive
Intuitive, self explanatory, ergonomic and affordable. When designing for a group or society, good design seeks to ensure that no one is excluded from their use or enjoyment of space or objects.
libertador.pngis Liberator
The inhabited space must seek to express the potencial of human nature.
The inhabited space must translate the best of us and therefore requires deep understanding of the person, family or group. The design project is dedicated to the receiver.
simples.pngis Simple
Simple does not always imply that less is more, sometimes less is just less.
Simple is to subtract the useless and add the importan
imperfeito.pngis Imperfect
Good design works with
the asymmetry and the naive integrity of the materials
and natural tones. It accepts impermanence, natural decay and humanity reflected in objects and spaces.


meticuloso.pngis Meticulous
Good design is demanding, it values the detail and the beauty of the small things.


Activities at the Boa Safra HQ

As Design Editor company, Boa Safra seeks to contribute to sustainable living beyond Home Design. We share a systemic vision that involves us all in redefining society to accommodate ecological challenges. At  Boa Safra headquarters we are developing a pole for sustainable living that we call ECO LIFE DESIGN. We have several parteners and projects going on with practical proposals of local impact for the development of a more sustainable life.

Boa Safra Showroom 

Boa Safra headquarters functions as a showroom for the brand. You can make a visit to the space and get to know Home Design Boa Safra proposals. Periodically we hold events dedicated to design and sustainable living. See the event calendar. (Starting june 2019)


Local Organic Vegetable Garden

Peak-yourself! The costumer has the opportunity to harvest, control the quality of their food and enjoy the family space. The organic garden uses the latest techniques in organic farming, soil restructuring and water efficiency. Get to know The organic Vegetable Garden - Bioagro

The beekeeping is one of the most important activities to overcome the ecological challenge, given the importance of bees in the ecosystem, especially in pollination. The severe decline of the colonies requires more beekeepers and more know-how. In addition to honey, the bee is responsible for other important products for a healthy life.
You can learn more about honey and other products derived from the bee at the Beekeeping Store. (Opening June 2019)
Learning Community for Children A learning community for children up to 9 years old where freedom to be respected. The daily contact with nature in the Vegetable Garden and the forest, the stimulation of artistic skills, autonomy and respect for natural rhythms are the basis. For the development of robust, self-confident children with their own ideas and a word to say about the world.  Learn More about Play - Brincar para Crescer.

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