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 myHOME projects

The best way to design your space, more convenient and effective.

Here are some examples of myHOME projects.

Some from scratch, others using various pieces of furniture.

Some with larger, others with lower budget, myHOME projects always involve the client

and the context, always looking for the best final result.

Custom made furniture

Customer Project Arq. Paulo Jacobsen
Chiado, 2017

The Sofa, the Mobile and the Ladder were pieces designed by the client. Being an architect of Brazilian nationality, he is a fan of solid wood and natural finishes. The furniture has integrated a fireplace that works with Bioethanol, without odors and without residues.

The entire process of technical monitoring of design and production was the responsibility of the Boa Safra team.

Solid Pine Shelf

Project by Rita Macedo e Cunha
Lisbon, 2017

Solid Pine Shelf designed for Visionaire Apartments apartments. In the project was used furniture of the editions of catalog of Boa Safra.

Living and dinning room

Project by Magda Alves Pereira

Lisbon, 2016

Design of furniture adapted to the architecture of the space and to the necessities of the customer. The project was developed based on the design of modern furniture, almost minimalist, that lived well with old pieces inherited by the client, in addition to fulfilling the necessary functions, especially the diverse storage. The materials were chosen either to conjugate with the old furniture, of wood and marble, or they diffuse with the white of the walls.

Dinning room
Project by Magda Alves Pereira
Lisboa, 2017

Lisbon, 2017Dining Room Decoration taking advantage of the wood in different finishes, oil, painting in neutral tones. The frames were made for the drawings of the client, The simplicity and lightness of the shapes helps to make the room more spacious and meets the customers' taste profile.

Custom made furniture
Project by Magda Alves Pereira
Lisbon, 2017

Shelf designed to fill the wall with exposure zones and others with closed storage and to disguise the existing central heating apparatus. The solution was to create a set of volumes, full and empty, as well as a game between white and mirrors that increase the disruption of the surface of the wall and conceal the heater without hiding it or canceling it.

Living and dinning room
Project by Joana Araújo
Porto, 2018

A simple and sober environment, created with the furniture Boa Safra Frame line.

Living and dinning room
Project by Mariana Morgado
Porto, 2017

A light and cozy environment with warm colors, which essentially combines walnut and black metal. The building was formerly a Distillery and therefore the industrial touch. At the same time, it was customers' desire to combine a vintage look, the right lines present in the architecture of space and the more organic forms, through some products.

Project by Mariana Morgado
Porto, 2018

The challenge of creating, in a small space, a room with all the functions including plenty of storage.


Project of Maria Negrão
Oeiras, 2016

Alice's name inspired the decor of the room, giving the mote to the illustrations on the walls. The furniture chosen was the Benjamin Line of Boa Safra, in solid pine with natural oil finish. Some elements were designed such as the shelves in the shape of houses and the large house that houses the play bench, the small chair and the storage boxes.


Decorate the entire house, just a room or just a piece of furniture by measure,

there is a myHOME service that is right for you.

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