Why Are Our Finishes Healthy?

The natural oils we offer as a first choice have no volatile organic components or synthetic chemicals. For colour finishes, we use paints with very low levels of organic and synthetic chemical elements/compounds. 


Natural Finishes and Health 

Boa Safra's natural oils are free of acrylic resin (associated with allergies and eczema), glycol ether (associated with cancer and congenital deformities) or formaldehyde (associated with headaches and memory loss), thus contributing to an important improvement in indoor air quality. Several studies show that indoor pollution is higher than outdoor pollution.Various skin and respiratory diseases are associated with poor indoor air quality. 


Natural Finishes and the Environment 

Boa Safra’s oils are made from natural compounds from sustainable resources and do not have volatile organic compounds. These finishes do not aggravate the greenhouse effect or environmental pollution. We classify our products according to ecological parameters This way consumers can make more conscious choices.